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since 1993.

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I always ask if the Birthday child has a favourite song, knowing that it is possible that I won't know it.I expect to be asked for Yellow Submarine, or Down by the Bay.Sometimes I am floored at what the kids say.Here are some song titles that kids have asked for in the past. Don't forget that most of these kids three to six years of age.They have good taste.

I am always amazed at the variety.Here are just a few of the songs I have been asked to sing:

1- All the Diamonds-Bruce Cockburn
2-Forever in Blue Jeans- Neil Diamond
3- Great Balls of Fire-Jerry Lee Lewis
4-You Can Make It If You Try-Sly and the Family Stone
5-O Canada
6-Pinball Wizard-the Who
7-American Pie-Don McLean
8-You are Sixteen Going on Seventeen-from the Sound of Music
9-I'm a Believer-the Monkees ( not so surprising )
10- Wonderful World-Sam Cooke

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Meggie thinks the huge-antic puppets are cool. I wish I could have seen them too.