Performing in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
since 1993.

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Telephone : 647-349-2338

"Don't build your house out of straw! Didn't you read the book?"

The Fairytale Puppet Theatre has been performing at libraries, daycares, and private functions
since 1993. All the puppets and most of the props, including the portable theatre itself, are hand made.
The emphasis of the performances is on story telling and audience participation.
( Of course sometimes we cannot stop them from participating.)
Pictured below are the Three Little Pigs. Please note that the puppeteer only has two hands.
Although based on the well known fairytales, the shows have unexpected twists and humour for all ages.
None of them contain the violence and cruelty sometimes found in old fairytales. There is enough of that in the real world.

"You want to take over the world? Well, it's good to have a hobby."

The Wolf and Frankenstein puppets from The Witch and the Wolf

Oh my goodness! I mean, oh my badness!

The Witch -
from The Witch and the Wolf